Basement Remodel

Basement remodel after broken pipe.  Added in exercise room, upgraded bathroom and custom cabinets.


In December of 2020, in the thick of the holidays, our family experienced the dreaded basement flood. The damage was extensive, and we quickly cannonballed into the deep end of insurance, displacement (during COVID), and the rebuild.

While water mitigation was being completed, we were drowning in the unknown. What will insurance cover? What will this process look like? Who can we trust to rebuild our basement and help us navigate the demands of insurance, code upgrades, etc.?

We spoke with a handful of contractors and frankly we just never comfortable with them, until D2 Structures came into the picture.

The Transformation with D2 Structures

We were recommended to D2 Structures by another contractor because of Todd Van Sant’s previous experience as an insurance adjuster. His background with both insurance and construction was incredibly appealing.

We met with Todd, Derek, and D2 and were absolutely blown away. Immediately, we saw how knowledgeable and experienced they were with not just new builds, but also simple and complex restorations. They asked questions nobody asked previously and were genuinely interested with the nitty gritty of the rebuild (and the insurance process as well!).

The decision at this point was easy and we selected D2 Structures to rebuild our basement. From that moment forward things got even better because of the following reasons:

  • D2 is trustworthy: We can’t underscore how important trust was to this entire process. Todd and team were transparent about pricing, timelines, value, and expectations. When they said something, they delivered. There were zero surprises. The few unforeseen events due to the ongoing supply chain crisis were communicated thoroughly. Trust is the blueprint of how D2 operates, and it was refreshing!
  • D2 is experienced: The quality of D2’s work is exceptional (no shortcuts, superb craftsmanship, modern design, etc.) because they are heavily experienced in construction. Jim Wilson, D2’s general contractor for our job, is a gem of a human and incredibly professional and experienced in his craft. The entire job from start to finish was smooth because Jim plans, executes, and manages all the moving parts and the subs so well – a master composer of a construction symphony. In fact, most of the subs onsite (who were amazing) said they were working on the job primarily because Jim and D2 were involved. Additionally, Todd’s experience and wisdom helped us navigate the insurance process and we couldn’t be more grateful.
  • D2 is innovative and modern: From the very first day, we were in awe of the technology that D2 leverages. They used a Matterport to get a 3D image of the entire house. This allowed us to reference items with each other (and insurance) when we were having discussions outside the home or virtually. D2 also gave us great project management software that kept everyone on the same page and was easy to use to sign off, see daily progress, and make payments. Todd was also able to use the same pricing software that the insurance company used, making sure they were held accountable to pricing and reimbursement.
  • D2 is people-centric: At the end of the day, D2 understood that this process and build was an experience for our family and respected us with empathy and compassion. They are great people that cared about us, our home, and the work that reflects their reputation. They even made safety and preventative recommendations to ensure we are happy and safe in the future!

We can’t say enough of D2. Our basement is beautiful, up to code, and was completed on time and on budget. D2 made what is typically considered a negative experience and transformed it into an incredibly positive one. Thank you!!!